AMEMG Conference Program, Charlottetown, 4-5 October 2013


Friday, October 4

8pm Welcome Reception (location TBA)

Saturday, October 5

Session 1: 9:00-10:15am Europeans and non-Europeans

Chair: Gary Waite, UNBF

Richard Raiswell, UPEI – Calvin, Rhetoric and the Representation of India in Early 17th C

Robin Vose, STU – The Inquisitor’s Matrix: a Global Survey of Inquisition Manuals: Mexico

Pamela Bastante, UPEI – Fray Martín de León and Novo-Hispanic Tradition of the Ars Moriendi

Session 2: 10:30-12:30pm: Politics, Religion, and the People

     Chair: Edie Snook, UNBF

Greg Kennedy, UdM – The Projection of French Naval Power into Atlantic North America

Catherine Innes-Parker, UPEI – Antoinette Auger and the French Counter-Reformation

Neil Robertson, UKC – Justice as Charity: The Political Vision of Dante’s Paradiso

Christina Luckyj, Dal – Early Modern Women Writers and the Politics of the Female Voice

Jeremy Hayhoe, UdM – 18th c French Villagers and Migration

Bill Barker, Dal – Gabriel Harvey’s Political Reading

12:30 -1:30pm LUNCH

Session 3: 1:30-3:15 pm: Medicine, Science, and the Occult

Chair: Richard Raiswell, UPEI

Janine Rogers, MTA – Medieval Codicology and the History of Science Collection

Kathryn Morris, UKC – Superstition and 18th c Vampire Debates

Karim Baccouche, UNBF – Origins of the Witches’ Sabbat 15thC

Edith Snook, UNBF – Women’s Writing and Medicine in Early Modern England

Wendy Churchill, UNBF – Medical Conduct and Morality in Early Modern Britain and its Empire

Session 4: 3:30-4:45 – Teaching and Performing Early Modern, Then and Now

Chair: Janine Rogers, MTA

Shannon Murray, UPEI – Satan Teaches Paradise Lost

Sandra Bell, UNBSJ – Learning Shakespeare through Performance

Adriana Benzaquen, UPEI – Educational Designs: Younger Sons in the Late Seventeenth Century

Michel Cardin UdM – The Theorbo, as a Solo and a Continuo Instrument, 1600 and 1750

5-6pm: AMEMG Business Meeting: The Future

Election of Executive

7pm AMEMG Banquet or Dinner out