2014 Conference, 25-26 August, University of King’s College, Halifax



The registration fee is 25$ and includes lunch and coffee breaks.  Registration will take place at the Welcome Reception and 8-8:30am on Tuesday, September 26.

If you are not giving a paper and plan to register, please let Kathryn Morris know by Thursday, August 21st, when she will need to confirm the final numbers to catering. Please inform her of any dietary restrictions, as well.

Monday, August 25

7:30-9pm Welcome Reception at the pub at the Dalhousie University Club.


Tuesday, August 26

All presentation sessions will be held in the KTS Lecture Hall, New Academic Building, floor 2.


8:30-9:40am – Session 1: Europeans and the World: Imagination and Reality

Chair: Gary Waite

  • Simon Kow, China and Enlightenment Political Thought
  • Stephanie Pettigrew, French Witchcraft Belief in Colonial America
  • Kathryn Morris, Margaret Cavendish: Philosophy and the Imagination

9:40-10:30am – Session 2: Reimagining Early Modern Politics

Chair: Simon Kow

  • Joseph Khoury, Machiavelli and Petrarch: A Comparison
  • Neil G. Robertson, Charles Inglis and Constitutional Liberty

10:30-10:45am – Break

All breaks and lunch are in the Wilson Common Room, across from the lecture hall.

10:45-11:30am – Roundtable 1: New Worlds and Old Worlds

·      Kow, Khoury, Morris, Pettigrew, Robertson

11:30am – 12:20pm – Session 3: Reimagining Early Modern Sources and Spectators

Chair: Edith Snook

  • Adriana Benzaquén, Locke’s Children: Letters as Sources for the Historical Study of Early Modern Childhood
  • Ronald Huebert, Early Modern Spectatorship: Essays in the Interpretation of English Culture 1500-1780

12:20 -1:30pm – LUNCH

1:30-2:25pm – Session 4: Reimagining Medicine in the Early Modern World

Chair: Kathryn Morris

  • Wendy Churchill, The Protection of a Professional Reputation in the Eighteenth-Century Medical Marketplace: Dr George Cheyne, “Mrs Barry”, Sir Hans Sloane, and the 1720 Postscript
  • Edith Snook, Margaret Cavendish, Recipes, and the Theory and Practice of Medicine in Early Modern England

2:25-3:15pm – Session 5: Reimagining Religion and Science in Early Modern Europe

Chair: Adriana Benzaquén

  • Gary K. Waite, Radical Religion and the Formation of New Ideas on the Eve the Early Enlightenment in the Netherlands, 1570-1640
  • Lyn Bennett, Sir Thomas Browne and the Rhetoric of Healing

3:15-3:30pm – Break

3:30-4:45pm – Roundtable 2: Reimagining Early Modern Literature, Science, Medicine

·      Benzaquén, Bennett, Churchill, Huebert, Snook, Waite & allcomers

5-6pm: AMEMG Business Meeting: The Future