MA Student Funding Opportunity: Early Modern European History

Dr. Gary Waite, of the Department of History, University of New Brunswick, has funding for a qualified MA student for the academic year 2016-2017 who wishes to complete an MA by thesis (18 months) or report (12 months) at UNB in Early Modern European History, preferably on some aspect of sixteenth or seventeenth century intellectual, religious, political or socio-cultural history (England, Netherlands, Germany, France). This stipend is in conjunction with the new research project, “Amsterdamnified! Religious Dissenters, Anti-Providential Ideas and Urban Associationalism in the Emergence of the Early Enlightenment in England and the Low Countries, 1540-1700,” funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. For a brief description of the project, see the website

The stipend for year one will be in the order of $15,300. Research Assistantship duties will follow the UNB Graduate School guidelines (c. 8 hours per week) and will involve assisting Professor Waite (and when appropriate his co-investigator, Professor Michael Driedger of Brock University) with ongoing bibliographical searches and analysis of secondary source material, searching for and analysis of relevant primary source material (English and/or Dutch), and assisting in the mapping of correspondence, printing, and personal networks of Christian and Jewish nonconformists in the UK and continental Europe.

The particular collections to be utilized will depend of course on the language skills of the particular student. There will also be funding for presenting relevant research findings at appropriate scholarly venues, and perhaps also to accompany Prof. Waite on a research trip to London.

For further information or if interested, please contact Dr. Waite by email at:

All applicants will of course have to meet the usual requirements for admission and funding for MA students as set out in the Department of History and School of Graduate Studies. The History Graduate Student webpage is a good place to start: