Acadia University

Jessica Slights, Associate Professor of English and Theatre: Shakespearean drama

Cape Breton University

Mary K. MacLeod, Associate Professor of History: Celtic and British History

Scott Moir, Associate Professor of History: late medieval and early modern Scotland and legal history

Todd Pettigrew, Associate Professor of English: early modern literature and history of medicine

Julie Sutherland, Adjunct Professor in Department of Letters and Literature (and Academic Coordinator, Shakespeare at Athabasca University): Shakespeare and Non-Shakespearean Renaissance Drama, Seventeenth-Century English Poetry

Crandall University

Keith Grant, Assistant Professor of History, religion in the early modern Atlantic world

Greg Maillet, Professor of English: medieval and early modern literature

Dalhousie University

William Barker, Professor of English: Renaissance literature, humanism, and education

Lyn Bennett, Associate Professor of English: rhetoric, early modern poetry, women’s writing

Rachel Bryant, SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of English: early Indigenous literacies, Anglo Atlantic World cultural production, and settler colonialism

Robert Buranello, Assistant Professor of Italian Studies

Ronald Huebert, Professor of English: early modern literature, literary theory, spectatorship, literary pleasure

Krista Kesselring, Professor of History: early modern Britain

Christina Luckyj, Professor of English: early modern drama and women’s writing

Mount Allison University 

Karen Bamford, Professor of English: Shakespeare and Renaissance drama

Lauren Beck, Associate Professor of Spanish Studies and Head of Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Editor Terrae Incognitae: early modern Spanish and transatlantic culture, visual culture, the representation of minority groups within Catholic and imperial Spain, the history of cartography

William Lundell, Associate Professor and Head of Department of History: mediaeval, Renaissance, and Reformation history, particularly relations between the Carthusian Order and the Council of Basel (1431-1449)

Janine Rogers, Associate Professor of English: late medieval English literature, codicology, book history, literary form, poetics and science and literature

Memorial University

Ágnes Juhász-Ormsby, Associate Professor of English, early modern literature, book history & print culture

Mount Saint Vincent University

Adriana Benzaquén, Chair, Department of History: early modern European history

Saint Mary’s University

Stephanie Morley, Assistant Professor of English: late medieval literature and women

Tim Stretton, Professor of History: Tudor and Stuart Britain, Social and Legal History, Women’s Legal Rights

St. Francis Xavier University

Ranke de Vries, Associate Professor, Ben Alder Chair of Celtic Studies: palaeography, medieval Irish and Welsh languages and literatures, narrative tradition, the history of medieval (Celtic) medicine

Joseph Khoury, Associate Professor of English: Machiaevelli, Marlowe, and Shakespeare

St. Thomas University

Bonnie Huskins, Part-Time Professor of History: Atlantic World, Colonial North America, American Revolutionary War loyalist diaspora

Janet Mullin, Lecturer, Department of History: early-modern Europe and eighteenth-century leisure culture

Andrea Schutz, Associate Professor of English: medieval Germanic and Celtic languages, literature and culture; medieval drama; classical and medieval epic; medieval romance; medieval and modern Arthurian literature

Robin Vose, Associate Professor of History: medieval and early modern religious conflicts

Université de Moncton

Michel Cardin, Professeur, Département de musique: Luth, guitare classique, musicologie (musique baroque), harmonie, contrepoint

Jeremy Hayhoe, Professeur, Département d’Histoire et de Géographie: histoire de la France (1600-1800)

Gregory Kennedy, Professeur adjoint, Département d’Histoire et de Géographie: Acadie coloniale

University of King’s College

Simon Kow, Associate Professor of Humanities, Early Modern Studies Programme: seventeenth- and eighteenth-century political English and French political thinkers

Kathryn Morris, Assistant Professor of Humanities, Early Modern Studies Programme

Neil Robertson, Associate Professor of Humanities, Early Modern Studies Programme: early modern political thought

Sarah Toye, History MA, 18th-century Atlantic piracy and gender

Jannette Vusich, Assistant Professor, Early Modern Studies Programme: art history; early modern devotional art, mendicant preaching, humanism, and naturalistic forms of representation

University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

Karim Baccouche, PhD Candidate, Department of History: early modern witch hunts

Christa Canitz, Professor of English: Middle English & Older Scots poetry; 19th/20th-century medievalism.

Sioban Carlson, MA candidate, Anthropology

Wendy Churchill, Associate Professor of History, social history of medicine in the early modern Britain and the Atlantic world

Gwendolyn Davies, Professor of English & Dean of Graduate Studies (Emerita), Canadian Literature (1628-1950)

Leah Grandy, Harriet Irving Library

Miriam Jones, Associate Professor of English

Stefanie Kennedy, Assistant Professor of History, Carribean and the Atlantic world

William G. Kerr, Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient History: Roman and Byzantine history

Elizabeth Mancke, Canada Research Chair, History: Early Modern North America and British Atlantic

Randall Martin, Professor of English: English Renaissance drama

Karen Pearlston, Associate Professor of Faculty of Law: English and Canadian legal history, history of women, gender, and the family

Stephanie Pettigrew, PhD Candidate, Department of History: witchcraft beliefs and trials in New France

Patricia Simmons, Harriet Irving Library

Aggie Sliwka, Harriet Irving Library: art, culture, and drama in Renaissance Netherlands

Edith Snook, Professor of English: women’s writing in early modern England

Kathryn Taglia, PhD Candidate: medieval theology

D. Gillian Thompson, Professor of History (retired): Social history of eighteenth-century Jesuits

Gary Waite, Professor of History: early modern European religion

Jennifer Hart Weed, Associate Professor of Philosophy: medieval metaphysics

Joanne Wright, Associate Professor of Political Science: feminist analyses of early modern political thought

University of New Brunswick, Saint John

Sandra Bell, Professor of English: sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English literature

Cheryl Fury, Professor of History: Tudor and Stuart England, the social history of English sailors

University of Prince Edward Island

Pamela Bastante, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages: medieval literature and culture

Don Desserud, Dean of Arts: eighteenth-century political thought

Catherine Innes-Parker, Professor of English: medieval literature and vernacular spirituality,  writing by and for women

J. Marc MacDonald, Adjunct Professor of History: early modern European history, history of science, technology, and medicine, global Enlightenment

Shannon Murray, Professor of English: sixteenth- and seventeenth-century poetry and drama, early children’s literature

Richard Raiswell, Associate Professor of History: pre-modern intellectual history


Cheryl Petreman, Phd Candidate, Early Modern History, Technical University of Dresden

Eugene Smelyansky, Post Doc, University of California (Irvine)

Danielle Taylor, Phd Candidate, English, Carleton University

Laura Verner, Independent scholar, Phd History from Kings College London

Olena Vdovyna, independent scholar: Ukrainian medieval thought

Membership is open to anyone involved in the teaching of, and research in, aspects of the Middle Ages and Early Modern era, broadly  defined. If you would like to become a member of the AMEMG, please contact the group president.